Diabetes Conditions that Need Insulin Injections and How to Use them

Diabetes is a disease that causes excessive blood sugar levels to rise, because the hormone insulin is insufficient or even non-existent at all. Insulin injection will help to take over the body's natural insulin function, so that it can regulate blood sugar levels. The way artificial insulin works is almost the same as the natural insulin hormone that processes blood sugar into energy. In addition, insulin also prevents the liver from producing excess sugar levels. Insulin Injection in Diabetes Insulin injections needed by sufferers If the body of type 1 diabetics can only make insulin in very small amounts or not at all, then in type 2 diabetes, the body may still be able to make insulin naturally but not enough or cannot be used effectively. In type 2 diabetes, insulin injections are generally not given directly. Patients with type 2 diabetes will be asked to improve their lifestyle, and take medicine according to doctor's orders. However, if this condition gets worse
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